Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss vs. Robert Rodriguez

robert rodriguez

  • track your days, track your mistakes
  • track what you do, journaling is super-important
  • love your work
  • put in the hours and the result will come to you
  • do it and the ideas will come to you
  • block time for thinking and working
  • nobody really knows if something will be successful or not
  • as soon as you act, it starts flowing  – you just got to start – this will do the heavy lifting
  • don’t be sad when you fail, you fail for a reason, have an open, positive, attitude – don’t get upset about anything
  • milk every application or process of all there is, just get it all out, learn and go deep, don’t scratch the surface of things and consider yourself happy
  • surround yourself with masters and you will get better

You can find the interview here.

You can find Robert here.


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