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Taylor Pearson – The end of jobs

taylor pearson

  • your paradigms and current models are what keep you behind when it comes to jobs and life in general
  • Eli Godrott – The Goal – The Theory of Constraints:
    • any system with a goal has one limit and worrying about anything other than that limit is a waste of resources
    • what is the system
    • what is the current limit
    • what’s the obvious way to improve the limit
    • push harder, but learn where to push
  • value-investing – evaluate the underlying value of a company as if you own it, add in a margin of error and look at what the current market prices is – this is how you can determine if you should buy or not
  • diversification is protection against ignorance, it makes little sense if you know what you are doing
  • small steps over a long period of time are what will bring you success
  • small steps also protect you from being paralyzed by decision fatigue
  • the money is made on the buy
  • a turkey is fed for a thousand days by a butcher, every day the process confirms to the staff of analysts that butchers love turkeys – with increased statistical confidence that butchers will keep feeding the turkey until a few days before Thanksgiving … the turkey will have a revision of belief right when its confidence in the statement that butchers love turkeys is maximal and it is very quiet and soothingly predictable in the life of a turkey – N.N. Taleb
  • the moment when you are most confident about your security is the moment in which you are in fact most likely to be endangered
  • be aware of the accumulation of silent risk
  • the small steps theory is the best
  • apprenticing is the best way to get into entrepreneurship
  • advantages of apprenticeships:
    • you create more easily business relationships
    • you have something to show for the years that have gone by
  • we love to work, but we dislike the obligation of it
  • have a 90 days goals programmed

You can find Taylor here.


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