The Good Stuff

Zig Ziglar life lessons

  • doubt and uncertainty are the appetisers of fear. Your mind feeds off of them until you become full of fear.
  • fear is paralysing
  • fear is the number one killer of dreams. Because fear prevents action.
  • mediocrity is like vacuum – it sucks you in and holds you in there.
  • most of the things that we are afraid of or worry about never happen.
  • you must get to the point that you choose to think positive and healthy thoughts. Thoughts that are empowering. The kind that drive your mind too act and to do. Thoughts that remind you of your goals, your purpose and your passion. You must think of the end result and you must visualise your own success. You must believe in yourself and face the thing or things that you fear the most.

You can find more Zig here.


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