The Good Stuff

How to stop overthinking


  • don’t over-think problems until they look bigger and positive things until they don’t look positive anymore
  • think of it like this – will this matter in five years?
  • set short deadlines for what you are trying to achieve
  • become a person of action – taking action over procrastination will help you ditch procrastination long-term
  • focus on small steps only, don’t try to force things to happen – take small steps so that you will not feel overwhelmed
  • don’t dwell on thoughts – just do it!
  • working out will clear your mind
  • be more present, this will help you with your fears and your stability
  • your friends play a big role in you being more present, take the time to care and sort your friends
  • your entertainment also plays a big part in your mood – choose with care

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