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Goal setting – the cheat sheet

goal setting

1. Make a to-do list according to the 80/20 principle and keep narrowing it down until you’ve got 1 thing that causes most of your effects.
2. Multitasking is a myth because we forget the cost of task switching. Don’t multitask.
3. Form 1 habit at a time, because you don’t have enough willpower to do more. Give it 66 days to establish and you can go on to the next. Whenever a habit is established, it doesn’t need that much willpower anymore, so I think this is probably the closest way to the ‘balanced life’.
4. Willpower is like a battery, it runs out. Do the most difficult stuff early, when you still have the mental energy.
( Note’ Willpower is also like a muscle, you can train it through stuff like meditation. Great book; Willpower by Baumeister and The Willpower instinct by McGonigal )
5. Think big, if you aim for the moon you’ll land among the stars, etc. Set goals twice as large so your actual goal is guaranteed.

Great habits:
  1. write down everything
  2. go to the essentials
  3. stop and question – this has to happen at regular times
  • have one clear goal
  • remove all distractions
  • have only the best people around you
  • have fun
Best subjects to focus on:
  • copywriting/advertising
  • selling
  • finding price insensitive people
How to focus on the goal:
  • monday – team day
  • tuesday – learn day
  • simple rules are the best
  • progress check-in daily
  • no. 1 Goals – that is all
Focus on the goal and nothing else.

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