The Boron Letters in short

copywriting lady

I really hope you appreciate this, ’cause Nev will kill me for this sacrilege ūüôā

  • jog or walk an hour every day
  • wake up, eat a piece of fruit and hit the exercise
  • fast a day/week
  • eat three pieces of fruit/day
  • there is no justice, there is only power
  • eat vegetables
  • develop an independent attitude, don’t¬†rely¬†on others for shopping or food
  • when you depend on others, you give yourself an excuse for failure – depend on yourself
  • if your body is too fat or too skinny, it¬†broadcasts¬†to the world that you have no self respect or self worth
  • don’t forget that other animals have a tendency to pray on the week, be strong
  • defensive behavior invites¬†aggressive¬†action
  • in life in general, there is very little¬†sympathy¬†for the weak
  • rely on your own strength, instead of someone¬†else’s¬†compassion
  • don’t act thought, be thought
  • in order to make money, get involved in what excites you most
  • the money is where¬†enthusiasm¬†is – always look for an enthusiastic person, not necessarily the most qualified
  • when it comes to making money, attitude is the most important thing of all
  • have a grate attitude and nothing can touch you
  • become a student of markets, not product, not technique, not¬†copy-writing¬†– learn what people want to buy!
  • in order to see what people want to buy, simply observe what they do buy – be careful to observe what they actually buy, not what they say they buy
  • when you ask people, they try to give you the right answer, what they should do – when you observe them, you see what they actually do
  • become a student of reality – learn to observe and apply the principles of reality
  • the only advantage you need in a market is a starving¬†crowd
  • select your market really, really well – refine it until you get to the¬†category¬†of market that you need – refine, refine, refine
  • the best list is your own customer list – your satisfied customers will be your best bet for buying
  • principles of buying:
    • recency – the more recent a person bought something similar to what you sell, the more receptive they will be to your offer
    • frequency – the more often they buy, the better
    • unit of sale – the more money they spend on something, the better
  • people don’t always put their money where their mouths are, but they put their money where their desires are
  • don’t let clients walk over you, do your thing and do it good
  • get paid often – where there is big money involved, clients have a hard time writing the check
  • sell people what they want to buy
  • observe the ads that keep¬†repeating¬†–¬†these are the good ads that struck a nerve, try to find it and pedal on it, only do it better
  • if you suffer a small discomfort, or are just a bit tired, use discipline to keep going, but if you are really tired and grumpy, it would be stupid of you to pedal through – rest, recover and start again
  • most of the work is done by people who didn’t feel like getting out of bed
  • truth can be determined not by how people use their mouth, but rather how they use their wallet
  • keep your finger on the pulse of the industry, stay awake
  • as a rule, the more custom tailor the campaign, the better it will do
  • ideas breed other ideas
  • when you get stuck or emotionally jammed up one of the ways to get yourself unclogged and flowing again is just to keep moving. Run. Walk. Jog. Write. Do the dishes. Don’t sit around waiting for a flash from heaven! the key is movement!
  • when you send mail, make it look as personal as possible, avoid looking official or¬†salesy
  • have an attention grabbing thinggy – be intriguing in all you do
  • achieve intimacy with reader by:
    • describing where you are and what you are doing
    • placing the day of the week on the mail
  • personal, specific info bonds people together
  • put instructions in the letter, lead the reader to where you need him to be in an easy fashion – work hard to make your reading pleasant, easy, interesting and unconfusing
  • you can make them feel guilty by adding a stamped reply option – hard to do now… but still a good idea
  • when things are though, just keep moving in a positive direction
  • if you get people to write you back, once they start writing, you will get mere positive¬†answer¬†– ask for a word back
  • don’t immediately let potential customers know that you are selling to them – you can’t do good guilt if they feel your sale
  • the attention grabber should be relevant to the message and make sense
  • don’t trick people with cheap copy or jokes, they will resent you
  • make them feel the luxury, make them feel the product
  • include an oder card and a brochure, but don’t let them see the order card from the¬†beginning
  • have a list of what you are going to do
  • a good list for a product looks like this:
    • the lists you are going to test
    • a product you are going to sell
    • copies of commercials from other people that sell the same or a similar product
    • books and info on the product
    • copies of really good copy in general
    • headlines that pulled really good
    • idea generators
  • take notes
  • really important notes before you write:
    • complete description of the product (how many pages, how many words, how many photos, who wrote it)
    • facts about the author (age, background, success stories etc)
    • write down the benefits of the product – how exactly will the product make your life better
  • grade your notes and put them down for a day or two
  • use AIDA to get customers:
    • get their attention
    • get their interest
    • make them desire what you are selling
    • compel them to action
  • grabbing¬†attention is one of the most important parts of the game – get it naturally and get the right kind of attention
  • feed the interest that has been generated with facts – come up with interesting facts about what you are selling
  • create desire by describing the benefits they would drive from the product
  • create a picture of the benefits, paint it in their mind
  • remember that you must always do it all, even the obvious
  • regarding the action, the closing of the sale, you must be very¬†specific¬†about what you want your prospect to do – describe the process in detail – lead by the hand, tell them the step by step process they need to follow in order to get an order done
  • tell customers to do it right now – create urgency – tell them what they get if they hurry and what they lose if they don’t
  • devote 25% or more of the add to closing the sale
  • COPY BY HAND THE BEST ADS YOU CAN FIND (works with everything in life)
  • ads to write by hand:
    • tova ad
    • how to burn off body fat hour by hour
    • the¬†Beverly¬†Hills diamond ad
    • the original family coat-of-arms letter
    • how to collect from social security at any age
    • how to get what us government owes you
    • the famous dollar bill letter
    • the aamzing blackjack secret of a las vegas mistery man
    • the original astrology today – ben suarez
  • the rate to do this is one per week
  • write in short sentences and short paragraphs
  • ask questions once in a while and then answer them yourself – this creates¬†intimacy¬†with the reader
    • do you understand what I am saying?
    • how do we get the benefits?
    • can you imagine that? I know it seems¬†unbelievable, but fact are facts!
  • a good writer is a person that makes things perfectly clear, that makes it easy for the reader
  • the very best writing goes unnoticed, don’t write for applause, write to get a sale
  • the layout of the¬†advertisement¬†should catch the attention of your reader, but not in a way that causes him to notice the layout
  • the ads should have an editorial feeling to them, not an ad feeling
  • write the add like a reporter would – study editorial layouts instead of simple add layouts
  • you can do a better selling job when at first it does not appear you are attempting to do a sales job
  • don’t offer too much choice or you will not sell
  • when a person goes to an interview, the interviewer decides in the first 40 seconds if he will hire the person
  • you either hook a reader when he very first looks at your add piece or you lost him. You hook them not when they read, but when they look at your copy
  • the decision to buy has been made in the instant the prospect saw the add, the rest is only the justification for the decision that has already been taken
  • the layout should be clean, there should be a lot of contrast and it should look easy and inviting to read
  • if you use pictures as a general note, they should be of an upbeat nature – women like to see pictures of women in ads and men like to see pictures of men in ads
  • use good, crisp white paper both for the pages and for the envelopes
  • the letter should be dignified and non-distracting
  • all the look should be crisp, clear, clean, glossy
  • the most serious mistakes you will make will be bad ego decisions
  • in prison are a lot of people who can’t handle an emotionally charged situation with a bit of maturity
  • don’t take decisions when you are hungry, angry, lonely and tired – HALT
  • you don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it moving
  • use words that paint pictures and¬†describe¬†exactly the immediate benefit that the person will get, don’t use abstractions, those never work
  • excuse for a deal: I am offering you this deal because you are special to me …
  • create a good excuse for a promotion and people will buy like crazy
  • you have to find an excuse for the deal – when you make an offer, it should not sound too good to be true
  • read out loud what you have written down
  • do the reading steps until the copy is smooth and there are no rough pieces to go over
  • read out loud the good material that you find
  • don’t develop the product first, develop the market first – always find a market first and then focus on the product
  • after you have the list, pull like crazy
  • just do it! keep on keeping on!don’t think if you like it or if you want to do it, just do it!
  • it doesn’t matter how much you learn if you don’t use what you learn
  • always be ready! always be ready to catch a break, work for your goal and always be prepared to nail it hard!
  • believability is one of the most important traits – don’t state general facts – be as¬†specific¬†as you can, put in data, not words – use facts as often as you can
  • from all the adds you are exposed to, very few have a measurable impact on you – strive to write those pieces of copy that make the most impact
  • pay attention to yourself and when you are off, just stop and regroup
  • when you are off – drop out of sight and get yourself together – you can’t fake it, not for long, you’ve got to be it!
  • stop cursing
  • don’t sink to their level, avoid it completely
  • take good care of the good people in your life, be there for them and be nice to them

You can find the book here¬†(it’s free, just go there!) – you will really love it, the guy is as talented as it gets.


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