Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss vs. Derek Sivers

derek sivers

  • it’s not about you, it’s about the people you serve
  • you are whatever you pretend to be
  • empower people, be a mentor for others
  • it takes a long time to build people up, don’t give up on them
  • the standard pace is for chumps
  • the curricula is for the lowest of the people who enter that school
  • have high standards for yourself and for others
  • live your life so that is nothing to regret
  • take the time you need to enjoy life
  • don’t get distracted by the world, you do your thing
  • make your business something awesome!
  • if you change just for the sake of change, you will have a problem
  • if it’s not a hell yeah! it’s a no
  • delegate as much as you safely can
  • block time to be able to focus
  • have a good core story and you will be fine – philosophy and principles stay
  • be an amazing writer and write, write, write
  • books are the way to go, create a book journal
  • a book has to catch you at the right time – a little too late or a little too soon and it will not make a grate impact
  • if you trust the source, you don’t need the argument, you just need the point
  • how to be useful to others:
    • be famous – do all you can in public, the more people you reach, the more useful you are
    • hiding is of no use to anyone
    •  get rich – money is the neutral proof that you can touch peoples life
    • share strong opinions
    • be expensive – you are more likely to be valued if you are expensive
  • how to thrive in an incert future:
    • own as little as possible
    • choose opportunity over loyalty
    • expect disaster – it will come to you at any time, be prepared
    • choose the plan with the most options
    • avoid planning
  • design a simple life
  • how to stop being rich and happy:
    • prioritize life-style design – it’s all about you
    • make your immediate gratification your most prized thing
    • chase that comparison moment
  • most sufferance comes from focusing on yourself, if you want to be happy, make someone happy
  • always strive to understand the mindset
  • focus on one thing
  • think long term
  • decide on the spot, don’t take five lives to decide
  • stop overestimating your time and your work capacity
  • commit for a while and just do it

You can find the Derek Sivers materials:

You can find Derek here.


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