Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss vs. Eric Weinstein notes

eric weinstein

  • I’m not thinking outside the box, I haven’t seen the box in years
  • grow or die
  • the average person has never had a good personal idea – that’s why you should not start a business. You must have a secret – and if you don’t have it, you will fail
  • never follow your passion, but always bring it with you
  • learn resilience, because you will fail stuff in life
  • just set it up and do it, don’t make a poll and ask people to tag along
  • if there are too many moving parts or there have been made some changes, you need to rethink the product
  • we don’t talk about teaching disabled
  • just let them talk – they will bury themselves quicker than you could ever do it
  • I am very autistic in work mode too
  • consensus is a big problem – it is how we bully people to admit something that is not absolutely clear
  • it’s better to be in an expanding world that is not necessarily your field, than in a collapsing world where people are in defensive mode and you are thought to think defence

You can find the interview here

You can find Eric here


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